Vicel's Makeup Workshop Batch 001

Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks
Vicel Enriquez and Nizza Gueco

I was never into makeup. Makeup for me is for the "maaarte". I never thought of makeup as something to spend time on, much less to make money out of,  because for me,  every lady can apply make up. They just have to buy and it's just a matter of applying it to their faces. They can even watch YouTube videos for them to learn.

But then, something incredible happened. Why incredible, you ask? Incredible because I am 27 and I am organizing my FIRST ever kikay kit. I own fairly a lot of makeup, but all of them are actually my Mom's, some she bought and some were given to her. I don't really own anything that deserves to be on a kikay kit in my bag. As I have told you, I don't wear make up and naturally, I won't need to retouch. So there you go, I am now a lady! Haha!

So, who do I owe my life-changing realization that I am in fact a lady? Who released the Kikay in me? I owe it to Vicel Enriquez. She was the ex of my husband, but now my partner in everything kikay! Check out our page for more info and updates: Techne

By the way, have I told you that my Mom and I bake chocolate goodies? Check out our heavenly goodies here: Paulette's Choclettes. That was what Vicel did that started our journey together.

I won't dwell on our history because it might bore you, we have the most absurd history that you'll ever read, and I'll save it for next time on another post.

So to cut the story short. She was organizing her first ever Makeup workshop. She has been a professional make up artist for 5 years already (whole story to follow) and she was now ready to share all that she knows about makeup. What a lovely lady, right? She contacted me because she wanted to serve snacks for her students when she conducts the workshop. I happily agreed and offered what I was also planning to launch, Paulette's Choclettes' Pastry Buffet! :)

We agreed on a price and the date and all the other terms and mechanics, or whatever you call the thingamajigs that we needed to agree on before the said date.

And then alas! I found myself in her workshop. The kind of workshop that I never saw myself attending.

Did I regret attending it? The answer to that is a BIG NO-NO! I loved it! I never knew I'd come to like makeup. As I have said earlier, Vicel brought out the Kikay in me.

We arrived at the venue early, me and Rizza arranged the buffet while Vicel did her makeup. Believe it or not, right then and there, we just clicked.

Here is her set-up and Vicel herself doing her makeup.
Her cool setup
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks
A glimpse of some of her colorful makeup
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

Here's her brushes
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks
Vicel doing her own makeup before the students show up
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

So here is what happened on the workshop:

The Beginning: 

The workshop began with Vicel introducing herself and just being herself. And then she went about the basics of makeup. I won't detail everything that she taught so that you'll want to attend too. :)

The basics of eyebrows
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks
Vicel Enriquez upfront
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

But here is an overview:

  • Basic Skin Care
  • Eyebrows
  • Color Wheel
  • Color Correction
  • Choosing the right foundation shade
  • Eyeshadow
  • Day and Night Makeup
  • Lipliner tricks
  • Lipstick tricks

I can't remember what else, but I'm sure there are a lot more. With the way that she teaches, you will not only enjoy, but you will be able to learn without being restrained.

She is not the type of make up expert that tells you what to do. 

You won't catch her saying 

"Gawin niyo to, kasi eto yung tama."

What you'll hear her say instead is

"Di ako agree sa sinasabe nila na ganto, kasi ang ginagawa ko ay ganto." 


"Depende sa inyo kung ano yung mas comportable kayo, pero ako, ganto ginagawa ko."

You see the difference? While the first one also teaches, it restrains the students to do one thing. While Vicel teaches it in such a way that you;ll have a choice, and she respects that everybody is different, what works for one might not work for everybody.

That is the beauty of learning from Vicel. You get to do what you have learned while applying it to your personal preferences. Now, where else can you learn that way?

She also demonstrates what she is teaching. Oh, and she used me as her model. Who would have thought I can be one, right?

My view of her students
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks
That's me!
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

The Makeup Application: 

After the teaching part comes the practical lesson part. So everybody gets to use the makeup she was bringing and apply makeup according to what they have learned from her.

Sounds scary, right? Well, not really. She was there every step of the way. She roamed around and acted like a guide to everyone. She really was a hands-on teacher.

Vicel guiding her students
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks
Here's another view
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

And another from the other side
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

And another one from the front.
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

The Portrait Shots: 

After everybody was done applying their makeup, Techne team asked them to pose for the camera and have their portrait shots taken.

Here's mine:

The actual photo.
Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

BTS Photo
Photo Credits: Jeffrey Chua

You can check out the portrait collection album of Techne here: Portrait Collection Batch 01

The Group Shots: 

Right after the portrait shots, it's time for the class picture! :) Here are some of our group shots.

Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

You can check out the Beauty overload album of Techne here: Beauty Overload

The Buddy Shots: 

Of course there are some photos taken with friends and buddies. Here's mine:

Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

Photo Credits: Porkchops & Steaks

Over all, the event seems to be fun and enjoyable right? Well, the hell it is! I enjoyed and I had a great time. 

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  1. I wanted to attend this kind of workshop someday but I don't have my own kit. I'm interested to make up just because I wanted to fix myself personally when there are events that needed a professional and decent look. I am not using make ups before but it seems I need to, you'll know when you need one when you'll hear a lot of people recommend you to do so.

    I understand you about the maarte thingy. Sometimes instead of just enhancing the face a bit, other wear it exaggeratedly.

    (" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana ")


  2. Hi Teri,

    Thank you for reading! Where are you from? We will be conducting our next workshop on Nov. 15. You might wanna come and also bring your friends. :) It's only P1200. :)

    It's ok if you don't have tools, I didn't either. You can use the tools that Vicel will bring. In that way, when you finally get to buy your own, you'll know which ones to buy. :)

    It was only now that I realized the importance and I have been intrduced to make up without exaggeration.

    Tell me if you want to attend. :)