Slowly Getting Back On Track: A Checklist Post

It's been a while since I posted a blog. Boy, let me tell you "It's good to be back!"

I've been so busy with a lot of things and now I'm starting to pick up all the pieces and slowly get back on track. I had a lot of backlogs, good thing I'm a bit on schedule now.

So, here's what I have been up to:

Vicel's Makeup Workshop Batch 001
Quezon City Food Fest
Asti's Party Peparation
Asti's Party
Vicel's Makeup Workshop Batch 002

I also have pending reviews to make:

Himalaya Face Pack
Sisheido Face Cream
Chocolate Truffle Scrub from Nanay Earth
Kojic Soap from Em&S Shope
Sissy Shoppe

Here are some Food Trip places that I got to check out:

Kristine Eatery (Tap Out Burger!)
Bulalo Joint

Pardon me for making this post a checklist, I'll just link each post that I am able to write to this post.



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