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WHAT: Freelance Writing Workshop
WHEN: Saturday, June 13, 2015. 12nn - 6pm
WHERE: QC near Welcome Rotonda (details will be given to the attendees) 
PRICE: 1500 per slot.

***Other future dates are available. Please feel free to inquire.

I am glad to announce that because of the overwhelming support I got from the first workshop, I will be conducting another one on June 13. I am also happy to let you know that the first one was a success. 

If you missed the first one, then go ahead and give me a call or send me a message, reserve your slot now, I will guarantee that after the workshop, you'll be able to start your freelance career. 

For the benefit of the ones that only heard about this now, here are what you have to expect in the workshop:

A workshop like no other

Don't mistake this workshop to be like the ones you have attended so far. What does this workshop have that is different? Unlike, other workshop that offers general insights in being a freelancer, this workshop will guide you through everything step by step. 

In this workshop, you walk in an employee tired of their day job, or an employee looking for extra income, You come out still an employee but with a renewed spirit and a long term freelancing job if you are chosen. If not, you still walk out with a freelancing profile that is ready to send out your first application and accept your new job.

Still curious about what I am talking about? Here are some of the things you will learn.

Career path guidance

Did you know that there are two types of freelancers? This workshop will help you determine which type will suit you, your schedule and your skills better.

Profile creation

There will be an on the spot profile creation. Know how to vamp up your profile to get yourself noticed by your clients.

Niche picking

Learn which niche or "genre' as you call in with music will work best for you and your skills.

Usual rates

Learn about the usual rates for every writing job. Know that bidding too high won't win you the job, bidding too low won't either. Never commit that mistake again after this workshop.

Cover letter creation

When applying for the job. Your cover letter is your weapon, you have to penetrate through the client's shield and make him realize you are the one for the job. Know what and what not to include in your cover letter.

Choosing the job

Learn about the jobs that are fit for you. Differentiate scams from legitimate ones.

Bidding for the job

Learn how to manipulate you bid in order to get the job.

Getting the job

Know what to do when you get the job. From accepting the offers and terms, to actually starting with the job.

All of these will equip you to be more competitive in the freelancing world. These will make sure you can start your career right after you leave the workshop.

Hang on. There's more.

Of course, I won't let you walk away with just that. I also prepared some bonuses that can help you with your freelancing careers.

Are you curious already? Here they are:

Withdrawing your earnings. Not everyone are aware of the policies and processes when it comes to withdrawing their earnings. Know what websites you have to register on and what bank accounts you have to enroll to.

Time management tips. When you have all the time in your hands, how can you budget it to fit your lifestyle? how can you prevent procrastinating when you don't have a boss?

Productivity tips. You know what they all say, work smarter not harder. No matter how hard you work, if you are not organized, you will not be able to finish you job. So I will teach you how to work smarter to finish the job in lesser amount of time and therefore have more time for yourself or your family.

Budgeting your earnings. Of course I won't let you earn extra just to vamp up your lifestyle and spend more. There will also be a brief and helpful talk about how to spend your money wisely.

Ooops, there's still more.

Here are some of the inclusions of the workshop:

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As a bonus for this blog post, I'll post photos of the first workshop for you to see. We had fun during the workshop, we ate, we shared stories, and we learned a lot.                 

We ate while we are discussing. The pastry buffet was sponsored by Paulette's Choclettes.I'm not sure where the photos of the Choclette Brownies and Choclette Cupcakes are, I'll look for them and post it here too.

We invited a financial consultant to help the writers' with how to save the money that they will earn. She gave us a presentation and we also had fun activities.

After the discussion and the guest speaker. We had a Q&A for their clarifications. After that, they were given their certificates of participation.

Now before I end this, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my family for making this possible. Together, we turn what used to be a "bodega" into something presentable. Thank you Mama, Papa, Diko, Kuya Ronald, and of course, my lie and purpose, the Daddy and the Asti, the Mommy loves you so so much!

Next I'd like to thank Mr. Ver Garcia for helping me promote the workshop. Of course who would forget my team. The best writing team there is. I want to thank Do It Write Solutions for helping me get through this and for also helping me promote the workshop.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all the participants who came and gave me the opportunity to share what I know.

Some of the participants are bloggers, I'll share their link here when they are done. :)

Oh and lastly, we have been featured in People's Tonight. :) Here is the newspaper clipping.

About the workshop: 

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to send me a PM on Facebook, here's my link: 

Or send me an email on:

Thank you!

Have you heard of the word de-cluttering? Having to say that you need to de-clutter your room makes you want to cry and say "I am not disorganized!", doesn't it? Well, hush now, de-cluttering is not the exact opposite of being organized. You can be an OC and have all your things color coded and organized up to the last bit, but still have a cluttered room.

So what are clutters anyway? In a nutshell, they are things that we "think" we need but really don't.  Here are some examples of why we have clutters:

Clothes that you don't really wear anymore, or more bluntly those that do not fit you anymore.
Nagpapapayat ako, magkakasya din ako dito sa damit na to kaya di ko muna pamimigay.
What the fairy god mother of de-cluttering is telling you:

"E nagpapapayat ka pa pala e. Get rid of those muna and just buy new ones pag payat ka na" 

Anything that was given to you by somebody who is or who used to be special.
Bigay ni "Ano" sakin to, ayoko itapon. May sentimental value to.
What the fairy god mother of de-cluttering is telling you:

"Ano naman kung bigay niya, ginagamit mo pa ba? E nag-te-take up lang ng space yan e."

Anything that you bought with your own money.
Ang mahal ng bili ko dito, sayang naman. Wala na din naman bibili nito.
 What the fairy god mother of de-cluttering is telling you:

"Kung di mo na ginagamit, kahit gano pa yan kamahal, wala siyang naitutulong sayo."

 Anything that you think you will still need in the future.
Di ko muna itatapon to, baka kailanganin ko pa e.
 What the fairy god mother of de-cluttering is telling you:

"Gagamitin mo ba yan bukas o hanggang next month? Kung hindi, itapon mo at bumili ka nalang uli pag kailangan mo na."

 Whew! Why does the fairy god mother of de-cluttering make me feel like I'm talking to Madame Miriam Santiago or Senyora Santibanez? Never thought she had that sharp mouth. It made me want to declutter my room right away.

But what does that mean? Do I have to have a general cleaning day? And throw away everything? Actually it is this simple: It means to throw or give away all the things that you actually do not need, but are currently just cluttering your room.

Having said this, it makes me nag myself again, I've been wanting to de-clutter my cabinet and room for quite some time now but I can't seem to start. I was always waiting for "The Day". The day when I will have time to have a general cleaning and successfully de-clutter and clean my room.

But then again, is there such a day? The bitter truth finally bit me. There is no such "Day" I was only fooling myself and falling into the trap of procrastination. So instead of waiting for the day where I can de-clutter my room, I thought of starting today and making baby steps.

Every day, I commit to throwing or giving away one thing from my room or closet. I reckon I will be able to finally de-clutter my room no matter how slow my progress is, right?

So enough of the talkative me, here is what I will give away for

Day 1:

Why is it cluttering my closet?

-Because I haven't worn it yet. I kept thinking I might want to wear it some day.

My realization.

-I might as well give it away now, it looks like I won't be wearing it anytime soon anyway.

Where will it go?

-I will give it to Pia of Pia Thought for her Ukay OK Page.

Day 2:

Why is it cluttering my closet?

-I actually don't know. I can't wear it anymore because it is faded and it has two big holes already.

My realization.

-I might as well throw it away

Where will it go?

-The trash

Day 3:

Why is it cluttering my closet?

-Because I keep on forgetting to throw it already. The neck lining is already loose and it hangs lower and past my breast.

My realization.

-I might as well  turn it into a "basahan"

Where will it go?

-the floor.

Give Away: 1
Throw Away: 1
Re-purpose: 1

Stay tuned for Day 4. :)

We will have another workshop on June 13. Please stay tuned as we release the official announcement.

WHAT: Freelance Writing Workshop
WHEN: Saturday, May 23, 2015. 12nn - 6pm
WHERE: QC near Welcome Rotonda (details will be given to the attendees) 
PRICE: 1500 per slot. Refer to the poster for group discounts.

 Lazada Philippines, a part of Lazada Group which operates Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination, is celebrating its third anniversary this month with three days of sales from 24 to 26 March.
Lazada Group has seen rapid growth since its launch in March 2012. The company now has over 4,000 employees across the region and has raised approximately EUR 520 million in funding from leading sector specialists and investors including Temasek, Tesco, JP Morgan, Kinnevik and Rocket Internet, among others. 
In December 2014, Lazada Group’s GMV exceeded US$70 million, supported by the success of the month-long Online Revolution campaign which kicks off annually on 11 November. Its sites and mobile applications saw over 40 million unique visitors during the month of December. This performance is testament to the company’s focus on delivering an effortless, secure and reliable one-stop shopping experience for its customers.
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Following the success of the Online Revolution campaign last 2014 and the Mobile Power Sale last February 2015, consumers can expect more from the upcoming birthday sales from 24 to 26 March. Simply log on to and on the Lazada Mobile App to get a chance to be part of the biggest birthday extravaganza from
Are you curious of what to expect during the 3-Day Birthday Shopping Extravaganza? Here are some hints:

  • 3 Days of Flash Deals on exciting products from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM;
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Inanc Balci added, “We thank our customers for their support and hope they will enjoy the birthday sale promotions as part of Lazada’s anniversary celebration.”

About Lazada Group
Lazada Group operates Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination, with operations in Indonesia (, Malaysia (, Philippines(, Singapore (, Thailand ( and Vietnam (
Operationally launched in March 2012, Lazada Group has grown rapidly to include approximately 4,000 employees across Southeast Asia. The Company has an online footprint of more than four million daily visits to its sites and mobile apps, and the largest Facebook following in Southeast Asia with over 10 million fans.

Lazada is pioneering eCommerce in the region by providing customers with an effortless shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery, extensive customer care and free returns. Lazada provides brands and merchants with simple and direct access to approximately 550 million consumers in six countries through one retail channel.

Lazada features an extensive product offering in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment.