How Can I Manage Stress

Three-fold Stress Handling Solutions that Everyone should Do.

Stress is never an enemy you have to face in a battlefield. It’s more like a companion you’d rather live without, but is necessary to make your life more exhilarating. Imagine living daily with nothing but rainbows and butterflies, first it’s impossible, second, it’s boring. Like, really? Yes. If a life with no problems, no challenges, and no risks exists how will you be able to face yourself in the mirror and say, “Hey, I’ve done it!” Stress will be there, you better accept that point. It’s how one handles stress that makes him or her a survivor. It may be cliché, but the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, is a crazy fact.
Remember, refrain yourself from pulling your hair while crying your eyes out in one dark corner of the room. You’re better than that. So here are three simple tips on how you can manage stress:

1.       Ask yourself, “What am I really stressing on again?” Sometimes stress can be overwhelming that you actually forget the source of your entire dilemma. Don’t be that poor brooding soul that cries over spilled milk when he could have just gotten up and buy a juice. Take a deep breath and talk to yourself (it’s not a bad habit). What’s my problem? Is it a project at school? Is it my weekly allowance spent for a concert ticket? Or is it the boy next door who is yet to set his eyes on me? Once you’ve figured out the stressor, it will be easier to manage the tension. If you get a piece of paper and list them all down with their matching solutions, you might be even surprised that you’re stressing yourself for no reason. Don’t waste time, above anything else, set the records straight and identify the problematic source.

2.       Note to self: I have a good head over my shoulders. Once you have eliminated all the treacherous factors and have finally put your finger on the culprit, face it like a man (or a woman). Bring out your inner strategist and make a plan. One hundred billion brain cells inside your head against one or two problems? You clearly have the advantage. Don’t waste it. Formulate steps on how to solve the temporary glitch. If you sense that you’ll need help to eliminate the stress, then, go and call a friend. After all, two heads are better than one. 

3.       Finally, a reason to celebrate! Remember the mirror conversation? Go ahead, say it now. “Hey, I’ve done it!” Reward yourself, do something you love; May it be a movie marathon, shopping, or eating good food. You have done a great job, you deserve to rejoice. Many people forget this part, once they’ve solve the problem, they’ll move on to the next. Don’t do that. This prize will make you even more motivated to handle stress once another one comes your way. You’ll find that a celebration with a reason is one of the best celebrations of all.


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