How Can I Be Productive?

Are you always wishing that there are more hours in a day? Do you always feel that the day is not enough to do all the work that you have to do?

What if I tell you now that the hours in every day is enough, you can change it after all even if it wasn't. But here's the thing, what if you can change the way you tackle your day so you can get more done by the end of it? You want to know how?

Here's how:

1. Stop procrastinating.

Procrastinating is when you put off wht you have to do now to later or tomorrow. If you do that you are wasting very valuable hours that should be used by doing something important, not watching TV or playing games on your iPad. Important things like work or house chores.

2. Wake up extremely early.

This one may be the hardest among my advice. But trust me, don't be fooled by your snooze button. Once you push that button, you lose. 

So once the alarm goes off, wake up immediately and don't push that snooze button. Starting the day early will let you do things that you normally can't do if you wake up late.

For example, you wake up at 10, and you have so much morning routine that when you finish your routine it is already time to prepare your lunch. Whereas when you wake up at, say, 7 am, you still have time for your morning routine as well as a little amount of work.

3. Keep a to-do list.

Are you tired of keeping a to-do list when you are not able to tick off some items anyway? 

Here's a tip:

Keep your to-do list short so as not to make you overwhelmed. Before you end your day, determine your 3 big tasks for the next day. In this way, when you start working tomorrow, you won't waste time thinking about what you have to do. You will have it laid out in your to-do list.

There you have it, those are my top 3 tips to be productive, I hope it helped in some way, as for me, I am practicing those tips everyday to be able to be more productive.

Have fun working and being productive!


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