Makeup 101: Learn How To Apply Makeup On Yourself Professionally

***Update: This workshop is full. Stay-tuned for more updates and the exact date of the second workshop. You can also contact Vicel for reservations for the next workshop.

Girls, in nature, are vain. If you know some boys who are overly conscious of how they look (them being late because they have to fix their hair!), then you must understand that girls should have the privilege to be as vain as they want because—well, because they are girls! You have to take care of yourself from head to toe because you have to be beautiful, not just because you want others to admire you, but because being beautiful gives you the confidence to take on everything that comes your way. The problem will arise if you do not know where and how to start. Will you start with your skin? Or do you need to fix your hair first? Or is makeup more important?

Before having your mind all over the place, why not attend a workshop? Come September 27, a workshop headed by Kiss n Makeup by Vicel will be held at Corporate 101 Building, 101 Mother Ignacia St., Diliman, Quezon City. It starts at 1 pm and will probably end by 6 in the evening. The workshop entitled Makeup 101: My Basic Pro will be about the following:

Photo Credits: Vicel Enriquez
  • Skin Care  – consider yourself a painting. Your face is the canvas and the makeups are your paints. If you don’t have a good canvas, the whole painting can be ruined. The workshop will tell you about basic skin care methods that can help add glow to your skin. 

Photo Credits: Vicel Enriquez

  • Makeup Application – things like applying the foundation and applying eye shadows will be shown to you. Knowing what kind of makeup to wear for a particular occasion will also help you prepare for specific events in your life. 

Photo Credits: Vicel Enriquez
  • Perfecting your Brows  – the ultimate dilemma of every woman is how to achieve the perfect eyebrows. It’s just so hard, especially when they look completely asymmetrical! The workshop will show you simple techniques that you can use to have the perfect eyebrows. 

Photo Credits: Monching's Photography | HMUA: Vicel Enriquez

  • Highlight and Contour   highlight and contouring are basically tricks, but they are very hard tricks to learn. How do make your cheekbones more prominent? This part is especially good for those who want to look thinner by manipulating the colors and makeup that you apply on your face. 

For the photo above:
  • Highlights: Forehead, Under eye, Chin, Brow Bone

  • Contour: Cheek Bone, Nose, Jaw Line

 Photo Credits: Vicel Enriquez

  • Day and Night Makeup – everyone knows that different styles of makeup should be applied depending on the time of the day. The workshop will discuss the proper application of makeup when you’re going out for a daytime gimmick, and when you decide to go for a night time of fun. 

  •  Common Makeup Mistakes – will prevent you from committing makeup mistakes that do nothing to make you beautiful. Some of these mistakes are: applying the wrong blush-on color opposing to your face, using the wrong shade of foundation, using the wrong color of brow pencil, having contours that are too harsh, and shadow mistakes.
Are you doing one or more of these mistakes? Find out when you attend the workshop!

When you join the workshop you will receive makeup freebies, handouts, a certificate and snacks and drinks. You only have to pay 1000php. Since this is a hands-on seminar, you can borrow the makeup kits from Vicel herself but it will help if you can bring your own supplies—especially a big mirror!

If you are worried about not being attended to properly because of the expected high volume of participants, stop right now. Only 10 participants are allowed in the workshop so reserve your slots now! 

Go and drop her a message here:

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Oh and before I forget, Vicel just made an announcement that she will be giving away these babies at her workshop.

 Photo Credits: Vicel Enriquez
 Photo Credits: Vicel Enriquez

So, what are you waiting for? Go send her a message if you are interested. Don't worry she won't bite! She super kind and approachable and she will entertain whatever questions you may have. :)


  1. Excellent way to create and discover women's beauty through workshop. Hope that more participants will come.

  2. I hope so too.:) I'll be joining the workshop, I wish to see a lot of readers there. :)@Fernando Lachica

  3. I am gonna share this with my lady friends. You are really good with your craft.

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