Read: Marvel Civil War

Take a stand. Whose side are you on?

For all superhero lovers out there, if you are like me who appreciate reading actual books than comic books, then Marvel's Civil War is a must read.

Heroes are all around us, they blend in with our community during the day and put on their masks to solve crime at night.

So what happens when our trusted superheroes go beyond their limits and end up hurting innocent people? What would you do? Do you think you'll still feel safe knowing that there are a lot of masked superheroes still out there? Yes, I know that they save lives and all that, but wouldn't it help if they get training too, so that they will learn to control their powers?

That is exactly what Civil War is about, when a superhero kills over 900 innocent people when he let himself explode, a new law was founded. Find out what happens when superheroes are forced to reveal their identities and to train and let themselves be super policemen. Who will agree? Who will oppose? It gets better when conflicts rises between superheroes. Who will win? Click to find out. :)


  1. Hehe.. Kulit, di ko maibaba nakakaadik.. :)) Madame sa National. :)

  2. Hahaha, novelized yan. Kaya dapat EPUB o PDF.. hahah!