Black Dress on a Wedding?

I know you have heard them all say, the number one thing to NEVER.. EVER do if you are attending a wedding is to wear black. They say black has something to do with mourning and that the couple is celebrating a happy union and both does not coincide. But what if the perfect dress for you just happens to be in that color? What do you do? Don't worry, wear it, I'm sure the couple will understand that you don't mean anything by wearing that.

Today, it is not about color anymore, it's about the fit and the make of the dress. Of course you have enough common sense not to wear your new jeans or romper to your friend's wedding. Just make sure you look presentable and the couple will love that.

Contrary to dressing down, the number one thing for me to never do when attending a wedding is to compete with the bride and groom. I mean, c'mon it's their day, can't you atleast give them that. Atleast wait for another day to compete and fight for attention if that really is your frustration.

So here are some things to never do or wear when attending a wedding:

• Never wear a white head turner dress that may take the attention of the people away from the bride.

• Never wear a tiara or any crown that the bride might wear.

• If you wear black, make sure you liven it up with bright colors.

• Never wear jeans and shirt or flip flop no matter how casual the ceremony is, or no matter how close you are to the couple.

• About accessories, do not wear anything that will totally standout, like your 1-meter diameter hat, your 5-inch eye lashes, your 10-yard gown tail. You are not there to seek attention, you are there to celebrate with the couple.

So there you have it, my list of what not to wear on a wedding. As for me, I have a wedding to attend to later and I'm wearing black, yes you read that right, I'm wearing black and I'm going to vamp it up with gold accesories.

Dress: Unarosa
Belt: from my Mom's baul
Shoes: 168 (P400)
Headband: 168 (P80)
Jewelries: 168 (P75)
Matte Black Nail Polish: 168 (P80)


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