Introducing The Archipreneur Supah Momsie

So, here it is. Honestly, I've been meaning to start my blog for a long time now, but I haven't really gotten to actually starting it. Now, I did, and I hope that you enjoy reading my blogs as I share my story.
This is a story of an Architect, a Freelance Writer, an Entrepreneur, and a Super Mom to pretty little Asti.
Over the course of this blog, I plan to write about my journey as an architect here in the Philippines, a freelance Architect to be exact. I have a small firm that I have put up with my best friend it is called Archestia, and we have a number of projects, enough to make it say that it is not a waste of time. I also plan to write how I earn $500-$600 a week by writing online, I write and I handle writers, I plan to share tips and advice on how you can earn too. Third, I plan to to share with business tips and anything that you can try to earn, I am an entrepreneur that happens to have tried anything and everything I think of, for the sake of trying and for the sake of earning. Lastly, I plan to write about my everyday experience as a Mom of a pretty little 7-month old baby named Aljanna Silver Torres, or just plain Asti. I'll share the joy and the satisfaction of being a mom. Of course being a Kikay Mom will not escape my blog, I'll post beauty tips from time to time and when somebody requests for it.
The last paragraph is full of "plans" don't you think? Well, I'm an architect after all and my job is to do plans. But enough of that, I'll stop planning and start moving now.
For now, I'll retreat for the night. Stay tuned for more posts from me, the Archipreneur Supah Momsie at your service. :)

And here is Asti..:)


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