Are you getting enough Vitamin C?

5 Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C

During the rainy season, health experts always advise the public to take extra steps to help ward off viruses and bacteria that may cause contagious diseases. These measures include sanitizing, protecting one’s self from getting wet in the rain, and boosting the immune system.
One proven and effective way to boost the immune system is a daily healthy dose of Vitamin C. Acting as an anti-oxidant, Vitamin C is proven to prevent or at least shorten the period of colds since it supplies the immune system the nutrients it needs.  It also protect the eyes against diseases, promotes healthy skin, and helps prevent cardiovascular ailments.
However, did you know that our body, on its own, cannot produce Vitamin C? That’s why it is integral that you always include Vitamin C in your diet. While popping a capsule can help suffice the daily requirement for this vitamin, it’s also best that you include fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C.

1.       Oranges

The most known source of Vitamin C are oranges. Just chug a glass of fresh orange juice and you will get around 80mg of Vitamin C for every eight ounces you drink.

Another citrus fruit where you can get a hefty amount of this vitamin is calamansi, also called calamondin in other countries. Just squeeze four pieces of calamansi into a glass, add water and a bit of sugar or honey, and you’ll have a healthy Vitamin C drink.

2.       Bell Pepper

Do you know that bell peppers have more amounts of Vitamin C than oranges? Whether raw or cooked, bell peppers contain around 100-130mg of this healthy vitamin.

Add a little color to your stir-fry by including more bell peppers in your recipe!

3.       Papaya

This refreshing fruit usually found in tropical countries actually contains more Vitamin C than oranges. Just eating a cup of sliced papaya is more than enough to meet the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C. Other than this, papayas also contain other nutrients good for the body like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, calcium, lycopene and many more.

4.       Broccoli

Known as a very healthy vegetable, broccoli also is considered to be a rich source of Vitamin C. For every half cup of broccoli you eat, you get a healthy 54mg of this vitamin. Other than this, experts have identified that broccoli contains an enzyme that is called myrosinase that helps reduce the risk of cancer. Just remember to not overcook it to so that you’ll get the most out of this nutritious vegetable.

5.       Guava

Also a tropical fruit, guavas are coined as a “powerhouse of nutrients” with all the healthy benefits it provides. This sweet-sour fruit is proven to help in the treatment and prevention of diseases such as cough and colds with the high the Vitamin C it contains (206mg for every fruit). It also has loads of Vitamin A which promotes good and healthy eyesight; because of this fruit’s high level of fiber, guava also helps in reducing symptoms of diarrhea.

Avoid diseases this rainy season, load up with Vitamin C daily!


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