Tortured Souls - Are you one of them?

Tortured souls. I’m sure you have heard of them before. Tormented souls is another name for them. There are many stories about tortured souls in tales of old. Are they myths or are they true? Let’s explore what these stories say about them.

One of these stories says that they are the souls of people who lived their lives in darkness and are forced to endure their everlasting existence relieving every evil deed they have done, knowing that they cannot turn back time and undo them. 

Other stories talk of people who are murdered, people who died before their appointed time of death, thus preventing them from entering the afterlife. They wander the world of the living for eternity in search of vengeance.

Another take on tortured souls is that they are the souls of the dead who still have unfinished business in life. These souls walk among the living in search of anyone who can help them fulfill their destinies, say good bye to a loved one or even protect material possessions from being lost forever or falling in to the wrong hands.

These are what our ancestors are saying about tortured souls. But “tortured souls” is also being used to describe people nowadays.

In modern times, tortured souls are describe as people who struggle to find the meaning of their existence of to find a connection with the world and the people who around them. These kind of “tortured souls” are categorized in three”

The first one let’s call the “lost.” These are the people who are generally misunderstood, addicts and have a very love tolerance for anger and hate. They usually start fights with anyone just to let off steam, they can never be reasoned with unless they know that they will gain something from it.

The next kind we shall call the “enlightened.” These are the people who are self-proclaimed geniuses, which for the most part they really are, but they tend to think of themselves above all, and they are socially challenged and hardly speak to anyone else unless such a time that it is needed.

And lastly, the “hidden” these are tortured souls with a little grasp of the real world. They can be socially active but are brooding deep inside. Or they can interact with a group but still think that they are better than the rest. They too have a very low tolerance for anger but have mastered hiding it that no one will notice. These are the most dangerous kind since you won’t know about them till they let you.

No one is born a tortured soul, it is a personal choice, whether consciously or not, it’s brought to one’s self by one’s self. Are you one of them? These people believe that nothing is right in their world and no matter how hard they try, there’s no way of escaping it. Talk about spending an eternity in vain, right? Very much like the tortured souls of the tales of old, they walk the world of beings that they can never connect to.

The photo above was shot and edited by:
Porkchops&Steaks Photography Department 
"We got you on our sights!"
Photograph: Xic Gueco
Model: Giancarlo Torres


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