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Meet Jed. The owner of @thegetupchic

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Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like you are running out of clothes to wear when in reality your Mom has been telling you to get rid of some of your clothes already because you have a lot. And when I say a lot I mean that your whole walk in closet is full and you still have cabinets and drawers scattered in your room filled with clothes.

Welcome to the fashion girl's world. A fashion girl can't get enough of clothes and nothing makes us drool oceans but for shops that offer affordable yet trendy outfit that we can grab without hassle. Luckily, my high school friend, Jed Aquino thought of coming up with her own Instagram shop and she has been conquering the Instagram platform little by little. You can check out her shop here: @thegetupchic

A sneak peek of what to expect.
When asked how she started, she simply answered:
Random thought lang coz I think it will be fun.
According to her she just was clearing out her closet and decided to sell them online. I was a witness of her humble beginnings, I always see her posts in my Facebook News Feed, she started posting her pre-loved clothes there. A lot of her friends bought her clothes, even those that she doesn't know personally were buying from her. She even got asked several times "Kelan ka uli magpopost, aabangan ko ha?"

This was what woke her up. She realized that maybe her taste wasn't that bad after all, to have people asking her to post more photos of her clothes. Just take a peek of what you can expect on her shop with the photos below. If she has no taste for you, then I don't know how taste looks like.

Take a look at how trendy and chic her clothes are below:

This pretty girl can give you all your fashion needs.

Fab and Trendy.
Chic and Classy

Isn't she lovely?
Sweet and Simple.

So there, let's help her build her empire of followers in her Instashop at @thegetupchic.. You know what is there to admire with this chic right here? It's her attitude. You can see how she loves what she is doing just by looking at her photos. Take note that all these are personally shopped for by the owner and that will surely guarantee the good quality of her clothes. Also, she is thinking of mixing her shop with her pre-loved clothes (what most of her contacts are rooting for since they are all branded and in very good conditions).

I'll end this up by leaving you with her parting words.
Wala naman mawawala if I try. The important thing is, I enjoy every bit of what I do, successful or not.
You gotta love that attitude right there. Let's help her spread the news of her shop and make her experience worth her while.

I would love to hear about what you think in the comments below, do you have any suggestions? Ask me, or better yet, contact her directly. :)

Click here: @thegetupchic


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